The Wallet Pen Company - Sterling Silver Pen

In our fast paced lives we strive to live lightly, with minimal baggage. This 3-inch pen is a jewel, an icon of craftsmanship always there ready to tell a story, catch a phrase or note the precise coordinates. The Original™ wallet pen shines. An elegant, luxury pen like no other - completely down to earth. These Sterling silver wallet pens are not just pens, they are keys which make life easier; better somehow. They will convey numbers, locations and solutions, grocery lists, stock tips and inspiration. They are a sterling symbol of preparedness. They are a grown-up pass in the halls of distinction. Turn your signature into an autograph.

For those times when you are using a pen these days, small is beautiful. Whether you're giving to loved ones, or treating yourself, a fine writing instrument that's as unique as The Original™ or The Adirondack™ makes the perfect gift and is sure to be treasured today, and for many years to come.

Wallet Pen Specifications

Material: Sterling Silver

Length: 3” (78mm)

Upper Barrel Diameter: .19” (5mm)

Lower Barrel Diameter: .15” (4mm)

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