San Lorenzo - Regenerated Leather - Medium Notebook

The Regenerated Leather Medium Milano Notebook from San Lorenzo is the perfect size to take meeting notes in your office, or to have at hand when you need to jot down notes or keep track of your day’s activities. It is a medium sized, tri-fold refillable notebook made from regenerated leather, available in 8 colors. When opening the notebook, the refillable notepad lies in the center with a ballpoint pen made from recycled-paper clipped along the right seam. There are two inner flaps that can hold your loose paper. The notepad contains 50 sheets. The only thing you need to bring is your inspiration!

Italian companies like San Lorenzo that repurpose Italian fine leather scraps from artisan workshops into regenerated leather products focus on quality and unique design. Regenerated leather averages 80% genuine leather mixed with natural rubber, pressed into sheets, then coated for protection and color.

Refillable Notebook Specifications

Dimensions: 7" x 10"

Sheets: 50

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