Rossi - Journals - Soft cover - Stitched - Astronomy A5

Soft, Stitched Italian Journals with Vintage designs. 

These unordinary "Old Style" stitched bound notebooks, have been printed on an antique printing press. The strong covers are made from quality Italian cardboard of 250gsm; they’re also made using residues from organic products. These exclusive vintage illustrations, from seventeen/eighteen-century are in classic Italian letterpress black color.

These Journals come in two sizes. The small size is an A6, 10.5cm X 15 cm (4.13" X 5.9"). The Medium sized Journal is an A5, 15cm X 21cm (5.9" X 8.3").

They are of course stitched (not stapled). Both sizes have 64 unlined pages except for the first page and the last page of the A-5 (see images). 

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