Rebecca Moss - Turbo - Fountain Pen

Length, Capped: 5.5"
Length, Posted: 6"
Length, Uncapped: 4.75"
Weight: 1.3 oz

If you love fast cars and racetracks, then the Rebecca Moss Turbo might be the next luxury writing instrument for your collection. This elegant designer writing instrument will help you shift your writing into high gear. The Rebecca Moss Turbo fountain pen is a dynamic, streamlined beauty with substance, combining a careful weighted balance with clean lines. This sleek modern pen feels great in your hand, letting your words fly across the page. The Rebecca Moss Turbo fountain pen comes in a stately Black lacquer finish, a shiny Chrome lacquer finish and an eye-opening Brick Orange lacquer finish to help shift your writing into overdrive. All Turbo fountain pens feature matte Chrome trim and a pen cap that can 84be posted securely.

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