Platinum - Maki-e - Fountain Pen - Koi Fish (Goldfish)

The highest level of craftsmanship has been generously poured into these fountain pens in magnificently decorating them with Kanazawa leafs.

The use of 18K makes the tip of the pen firm and resilient, instead of making it too soft. Special attention is also given to the thickness of the pen tip: the base of the tip is thin and becomes thicker toward the end of the tip, which provides the tip with a perfect balance between appropriate resilience and the ease of writing.

The comfort of writing without the application of much pressure on the tip has been pursued and brought to a reality as a result of data analysis of about 30,000 writing materials. Meticulous efforts are focused on the materialization of the ease of grip and comfort of writing.

● Brand : Kanazawa leafs
● Product No. PTL-15000H
● Nib : 18K gold
● Nib size : F(Fine) M(Medium)
● Body : AS Resin with Kanazawa leafs
● Size : 139mm(Full Length)*13(Max diameter)

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