Platinum Century - Fountain Pen - Ascending Dragon

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The second Kanazawa-haku (gold leaf) fountain pen, "Ascending Dragon" painted by Sotatsu Tawaraya as a motif. He applied the Kanazawa-haku Momi Chirashi technique meticulously on each of the fountain pens. A traditional technique that after a gold leaf is extended to a thin sheet, it is torn into smaller pieces. Then they are pasted to the barrel of the pen to give it depth and the light reflects a glow to the motion of the dragon.The innovative cap contains a unique "Slip & Seal" mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen. The same design as the #3776 Century series that allows those who only use their pen a couple times a year to pick it up as though it has fresh new ink.

Plantinum Kanazawa-haku Fountain Pen in Ascending Dargon- 14K Gold Specifications:

Nib: 14k Gold
Body: AS resin with Kanazawa leafs
Cap: Slip & Seal mechanism - helps to prevent the ink from drying out in the pen for up to 24 months
Weight: 18.8g
Full Length: 139.5mm
Diameter: 15.4mm
Filling System: Cartridge/Converter

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