Otto Hutt - Design 06 - Arctic Blue Fountain Pen

Design 06 impresses with its flawless organic form. revolutionary in how soft it feels. Innovative meets renowned original. proven excellence founded on style. new forms that are machined using specialized diamond cutters. incorporated into a largely natural composition.

How to further improve a writing equipment that is currently ideal has been carefully considered by the product designer. His brilliant solution: The design 06, which has a fresh addition in the processing quality, is convincing. The material used to make the sleeves is sturdy. The fountain pen fits the hand perfectly thanks to its distinctive spring clip, rounded contours, and surfaces that were milled with specialized diamond tools. Due to its distinct agreeable texture, the color-lacquered and multi-coated surface also guarantees overwhelming writing enjoyment.

Length 14cm, length open 12.2cm, diameter 14mm, weight approx. 44.9gr.

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Only 1 left

Only 1 left