Otto Hutt - Design 02 - Honeycomb - Fountain Pen

The design 02 series combines noble design elements with perfect craftsmanship. The unique quality and the exclusive design are visible at first glance and noticeable at first touch. Ballpoint pen and rollerball pen are just as comfortable to hold as the fountain pen and mechanical pencil. Fine materials such as solid sterling silver and high-quality platinum give the writing instruments in design 02 their exquisite value. Reduced to the essentials, they nevertheless convince with obvious aesthetics. The smooth surface is very classic for lovers of discreet, reserved design. For more unusual wishes, the precise guilloche in different designs meets the taste of even the most demanding customers. Clear stripes, sensual honeycomb pattern and meaningful, square grid leave nothing to be desired.


  • WEIGHT CA. 34.7 gr
  • LENGTH 14 cm
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