Large, Magnifying Glass on Feet, Square


Large Magnifying Glass on Feet

These lovely large magnifying glasses are encased in pewter or bronzed pewter finish and rest on small feet, which hold the glass at a comfortable distance from the page for reading fine details. They magnify the words quite well. These handcrafted pieces from France come in either Round or Square shapes and are embellished with fine details. You can choose from an Ionic design, reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman columns, or the Classic style, right out of the age of elegance.

Did You Know? Magnifying glasses like this were used in the 18th and 19th Centuries due to the poor lighting and eyesight. Today, they add a level of old world elegance and make  a great accent in any early home decor!

Made by: Le Potier D'Étain

Round Magnifier

Finish: Pewter or Bronzed Pewter

Magnification: 3x

Diameter, Overall: 3-¼”

Diameter, Lens: 2-½”

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Only 2 left