Jean-Pierre Lepine Zig Zag Ballpoint Pen - Red with Yellow Filet

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There’s a certain amount of whimsy you’ll feel when writing with a Jean-Pierre Lepine "Zig Zag" Ballpoint pen. This fun pen with its generous shape and intriguing form is sure to attract attention whenever you use it. It takes its Zig Zag name from the shape of its pen clip, which itself was inspired from a fishing bobber.

The Jean-Pierre Lepine Zig Zag ballpoint pen has been handcrafted in Jura, France from a single piece of Cellulose Acetate with a deep Red finish and a subdued Yellow Filet pattern. The pen is adorned with highly polished Nickel-plated Brass trim. Cellulose acetate is a high-quality, durable cotton-based resin. The brass section has five concentric bulbs that are matched by three concentric bulbs that make up the pen’s end cap. The Lepine Zig Zag ballpoint pen has a distinct chrome ball push button that rises above the end cap. Click once to extend the ballpoint pen tip and click again to retract. The Zig Zag pen clip is quite unique and features a chrome ball at the end of the zig zag shape. The Lepine Zig Zag ballpoint comes with an international ballpoint cartridge and is packaged in a lovely orange and brown Lepine gift box. Writing with this pen in your hand will release a world of fantasy and wonder!
Ballpoint Pen Specifications

Length: 5.9”

Diameter: 0.6”
About Jean-Pierre Lepine

Designer Jean-Pierre Lepine takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of his fine writing instruments, which spark the imagination with their bold designs and please the hand with their high-quality materials. These unconventional high-end pens have a surprising combination of colors, shapes and technical ability. All Lepine pens are completely handcrafted in France in small batches by expert craftsmen following age-old traditional techniques using materials like acrylic, rhodoid, brass, aluminum, delrin, stainless steel, carbon and leather, precious metals like silver and gold, exotic woods and precious stones.
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