Jean-Pierre Lepine - "Titanic DNA" Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Blue Laquer "100th Anniversary" 1 0f 11

It’s time to hold a piece of history in your hands. Just imagine the words you can conjure up from the depths of your soul when you place this rare writing instrument to parchment. The luxurious Limited Edition Jean-Pierre Lepine Titanic DNA Fountain pen is made from a fusion of oxidized steel salvaged from the Titanic wreckage and stainless steel supplied by Harland & Wolff Shipyards in Belfast where the Titanic was originally built almost a century ago. This Limited Edition designer fountain pen is Number #1 of 11 in this extremely limited pen series. This is a “must have” collectible for Titanic enthusiasts, nautical history buffs and fountain pen connoisseurs.

With a striking design, Jean-Pierre Lepine has created the Titanic DNA Limited Edition Fountain Pen that pays homage to one of the greatest ocean liners that sank in the North Atlantic. The Lepine Titanic DNA features a Stainless Steel barrel and cap with a Glossy Blue finish and a rare Oxidized Steel band salvaged from the wreckage of the Titanic. It has beautiful Gold trim that perfectly accentuates the glossy blue body and oxidized metal ring. The Lepine Titanic DNA Limited Edition fountain pen is held together by tiny screws similar to the rivets that were used on the Titanic.

This piston-filler fountain pen has a lovely Gold knurled wheel that twists from left to right. As you twist, the Sapphire Crystal covered Bridge Wheelhouse on the top of the pen is engaged, moving through the ship’s speed indicators, from Stand By and Full Stop to Full Speed Ahead, as the pen draws in ink. Concurrently, the ship’s propeller, seen through the large top barrel porthole, turns in sync, operating a screw that raises the piston, drawing your fountain pen ink up into the reservoir. The ink reservoir level can be seen in the lower barrel porthole.

The Titanic DNA fountain pen’s cap is constructed from 10 machined parts and shaped like one of the Titanic’s Ventilator Cowls that were famously seen rising from above the deck. The ventilator cowl opening is custom fitted with a Sapphire Crystal, wherein you can glimpse the engraved image of the Titanic on the nib. When you remove the cap, you’ll reveal the gorgeous 18-Karat Gold nib and relish in its fabulous two-tone color engraving of the Titanic ocean liner. This nib is available in either a Medium point. The pen cap has a uniquely shaped spring pen clip that is securely attached with screws. This lovely articulated pen clip is crafted to resemble the Titanic’s staircase handrails.

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Fountain Pen Specifications

Length: 6.1”

Weight: 6 oz

Limited Edition: #1 of 11
About Jean-Pierre Lepine

Designer Jean-Pierre Lepine takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of his fine writing instruments, which spark the imagination with their bold designs and please the hand with their high-quality materials. These unconventional high-end pens have a surprising combination of colors, shapes and technical ability. All Lepine pens are completely handcrafted in France in small batches by expert craftsmen following age-old traditional techniques using materials like acrylic, rhodoid, brass, aluminum, delrin, stainless steel, carbon and leather, precious metals like silver and gold, exotic woods and precious stones.
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