Jean-Pierre Lepine - Indigo Classic Murano - Prune - Fountain Pen

Since 1997, Jean-Pierre Lepine has made the Indigo Classic one of his trademark pen designs. The small form factor, available here in either a Fountain Pen or a Rollerball Pen, is ideal to use with diaries, journals or notebooks and is the perfect size to slip into your pocket, purse or briefcase.

The Indigo Classic Murano is made from Cellulose Acetate with a stately Prune finish featuring Black with Deep Purple tones. Cellulose acetate is a high-quality, durable cotton-based resin and is handcrafted in Lepine’s workshop in France. The pen has Nickel-plated Brass trim and a unique wavy pen clip. The Lepine Indigo Classic cap can be unscrewed to open the pen. The cap can be posted securely to the back of the pen to form a normal size pen, which is how you’ll want to use it for extended periods of writing.

For the Indigo Classic Fountain pen, you can choose from a Fine, Medium or Broad polished Stainless Steel nib. The fountain pen utilizes an International Size ink cartridge.

The Indigo Classic Rollerball pen utilizes a short Rollerball refill.

The Jean-Pierre Lepine Indigo Classic comes packaged in a gift box marked with the Lepine logo. This Jean-Pierre Lepine Indigo Classic Murano has an exclusive Papier Plume 5-year extended warranty.

Pen Specifications

Length, Capped: 4”

Length, Posted: 5”

Diameter: 0.5”

About Jean-Pierre Lepine

Designer Jean-Pierre Lepine takes great pride in the design and craftsmanship of his fine writing instruments, which spark the imagination with their bold designs and please the hand with their high-quality materials. These unconventional high-end pens have a surprising combination of colors, shapes and technical ability. All Lepine pens are completely handcrafted in France in small batches by expert craftsmen following age-old traditional techniques using materials like acrylic, rhodoid, brass, aluminum, delrin, stainless steel, carbon and leather, precious metals like silver and gold, exotic woods and precious stones.

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