Jac Zagoory - Chain Your Bike, Not Your Thoughts - Pen and Pen Holder

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A pen and pen stand for bicycle riders everywhere! In this day and age, it would be unthinkable to leave your bike unchained when you step away. This artistic Jac Zagoory pen and pen holder entreaties you to “Chain Your Bike, Not Your Thoughts.” This solid Pewter pen stand includes a polished Stainless Steel ballpoint pen and swivel pen holder. The slender torpedo-shaped ballpoint pen stands tall and perfectly balanced above the bicycle, enclosed in a swiveling pen cup. The ballpoint pen uses a Schmidt A3, 700 F/M or Parafernalia “Revolution” ballpoint pen refill (shown below). This functional desk accessory can be used to display your personality or highlight your passion. With so little on our desks these days whatever does go on it should speak volumes about your individuality, hobbies and interests. Jac Zagoory has a vision where great beauty melds with function so your minimalist desk doesn’t need to be void of statements. This form and grace take shape in the humble pen holder. The love Zagoory possesses for the pen comes from his extensive background in design and his ability to extend the importance of art into everyday life.
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