Esterbrook - Estie Raven - Limited Edition - Fountain Pen

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Ravens have long held an almost mystical fascination in the human psyche. From Edgar Allen Poe to Norse mythology, depictions of ravens have long interested our storytelling. 
Because of this history, Esterbrook was inspired to create a pen that has all of the subtle, mysterious charm of the intelligent and curious corvid. Introducing the Estie Raven. With its matte black body and matching nib and trim, this pen is as stunning as it is simple, as intriguing as it is classic. 
Most exciting of this release is the button piston mechanism for the Raven release. With a simple press, you can fill your pen for an easy, mess-free experience. This is the latest in a suite of new innovations from the brand and we are excited to debut it with the Raven! But don’t worry – if you’re more familiar with the traditional cartridge/converter, we have this offering on the pen too! 

Embrace the enigmatic charm of the Raven with this limited edition Estie and be inspired to write your own story whenever inspiration strikes next. 

Each Raven Estie is a pursuit for your writing pleasure, offering an experience unlike any pen you've used before:

  • Ink Versatility - You have the option to use our button piston filler, or go with the more traditional cartridge/converter
  • All Black Everything - A truly unique pen for Esterbrook, this is an all-black model with a matte finish body and black trim and nib
  • A Nib for Every Writer - You can choose from EF - Stub 1.1 for your nib size, or go with a rollerball or ballpoint if that's your preference!
  • An Immersive Experience  - A free water bottle will be given to the first orders as our gift to you! Further, we have created custom branded blotting paper to enhance your writing experience
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