Diplomat - Aero - Fountain Pen - Red

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Looking for a new fountain pen that feels good, looks great and writes wonderfully? Look no further than the Diplomat Aero, which will immediately engage you with its streamlined body and handsome look. The Aero is inspired by the Zeppelin airships of the 1920s - 1930s and you’ll find the company's propeller logo painted on the top of the cap! The Aero features a red aluminum barrel and anodized surfaces with rounded groove-like depressions along the barrel that taper from the middle of the pen towards the matte chrome caps on each end. The matte chrome look continues in the grip section and along the flat pen clip. With smooth lines and a streamlined body, the Diplomat Aero will undoubtedly allow you to elevate your narrative, letting those words take flight to new heights.
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