Super Pliable Sealing Wax Sticks (4" Long)

How To Apply Super Pliable Sealing Wax

Super Pliable Sealing Wax Sticks can be cut into ¼” pieces and placed on a spoon that is held over a flame to melt the wax, or the sticks can melted at one end by holding them about an inch above the open flame of a sealing wax lamp or candle and then quickly rotating the wax stick. You can also use a hot glue gun to quickly melt and apply wax to many items. Don’t get the wax stick too close to the flame or it will blacken the wax. Continue spinning the wax stick until you see a large amount of melted wax create a mushroom cap. The wax is now ready to be used. Pour the melted wax onto your desired location. When using an oval wax seal, pour your wax in a circular shape. If you’re using a square wax seal, pour into a square shape. You can use the end of the wax stick to stir the melted wax into the proper shape. Let the wax sit for about 7 seconds to slightly cool, then, while the wax is still soft, quickly and firmly press your seal directly down into it and release. If you didn't chill your seal, wait 10-15 seconds for the wax to cool before removing your seal. You can touch the edge of the wax underneath your seal to see if it is tacky, or if it has cooled. Wait until the wax doesn’t stick to your finger, then remove your seal. For best results with your impression, chill your seal beforehand in a bowl of ice or with an ice pack.

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