Bortoletti - Wood and Brass Dip Pen Calligraphy Set

Indulge in the art of beautiful handwriting by placing the warmth of a wood and brass dip pen to paper. All you really need to get started in calligraphy is presented here in this antique-looking writing set. Bortoletti tastefully crafts a wooden dip pen, giving it a brass nib holder that can be fitted with one of the three antique nibs in this set. If you’re just starting out in the calligraphic arts, this is your essential dip pen set to use while learning to write with a dipping pen nib. The set also includes a 10ml bottle of Bortoletti ink so you can immediately begin practicing as soon as you unbox the dip pen set! Please note the nibs and ink color are both random assignments from Bortoletti. This set is made in Italy.
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