Rebecca Moss - Robusto - Rollerball Pens

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Length, Capped: 5.5"
Length, Posted: 6"
Length, Uncapped: 4.5"
Weight: 1.6 oz

The Rebecca Moss Robusto is part of an extraordinary pen collection that is as graceful as it is substantial. The Robusto fountain pen combines a careful balance of weight and clean lines, with a pleasant step-down from its posted cap, to body, to section, to nib. It's available in five colors with each lacquered body paired with unique metallic accents and nibs. The metallic screw cap can be posted and has a spring-loaded pen clip which gives a firm hold in your pocket. This designer fountain pen will deliver great results in any business setting while also looking amazing when removed from your pocket, purse, briefcase or evening bag. This pen designer has ceased operations, so there are limited chances to own a famous Rebecca Moss pen!

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